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Honk is an animated comedy series starring on-again, off-again friends Honk and Slap.

They live in a normal, humdrum city populated by talking animals.


What does Honk do? He runs a workshop with Slap and fixes all the animal’s problems, and it’s never as simple as a broken alarm clock or dvd player. No! Some Peacock will come in that has lost their mojo, or a newt that can’t regrow their tail!

Somehow they always manage to fix the problem, although it may take an unorthodox adventure through the city and the endless cast of quirky animals. 


Honk’s workshop guarantees it will fix anything! Honk really, REALLY, needs to take down that sign!

Check out the first 2 minute pilot scene below.


Honk's pilot animation scene was successfully funded by our very first

Kickstarter campaign.

If you love the pilot, let us know,

We would love to turn HONK into a full animated series.

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